2011 with Cody Hudson/Chicago



Tom Fellner:

I spent this summer in Berlin and for the show did two watercolor drawings. Basically I separated two elements which I would normally unite in one drawing. In the first drawing I only did the monster figure by itself and the second I did the background only: a bucolic Swiss Mountain landscape. I then packed up the drawings and sent them to Cody to finish in his own way and as he saw fit. I haven’t seen them since and there was no talk between us about the content of the work. So I am curious to see what he added and how they have turned out.

Cody Hudson:

This collaboration was an interesting one as our styles are so different. I got the painting of the outside landscape and was really excited about it, but at the same time had a hard time figuring out where my style fit in with it. I have been working on a lot of very simple drawings and painting lately so instead of trying to work on something that really fit into his work I thought it would be fun to do something simple and clean and bold on top of it to add a different level of humor to the work.

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